1. Who founded the Club? Thomas Leber founded the club in his garage after a few rides and a whole lotta beers and cigars on October 3 1994.
  2. Where is the club house located? Each Chapter has its own Club House. Follow the noise from the pipes and the trail of empty JD bottles.
  3. What is your advice so that I can get into the Club? Get yourself the biggest cruiser you can get your hands on, drink like a fish, smoke like a chimney, increase your tolerance level, rid yourself of shame, and pay us a visit...time will tell....peace bro!
  4. Where did the name come from? The name is steeped in mystery and folklore...and if you don't know...god dam.
  5. Is this a Harley Davidson Club? What type of bike is required? Although most of our Brothers have Harley Davidsons, the club is open to cruisers 400cc and above. The rule was set to define which bikes can maintain the pace and riding style of the club. But like we said, it's the biker, not the bike.
  6. Does your Club engage in criminal activities? Not to our knowledge ;)
  7. Is your Club limited to certain nationalities? Nope, diversity is one of the key elements of the Club. We have members from at least 20 nationalities, 5 planets and two galaxies and a guy called Smegoal.
  8. Is it expensive to join the Club? Not so, but you'll find out when you're there. right?
  9. Is it true you have strict riding rules? So true it hurts...
  10. Why do people have to go through the prospecting status? Is there a way to fast track the prospecting status? Riding with someone through long distances requires a lot of skill and trust. The prospect stage makes sure that you've got what it takes to be with the Club. This is why not everyone makes it as a full pledged member. And yes, there is a way to shorten it...quit before its over.
  11. Do you ride fast?In reference to light or sound?
  12. They say you ride in formation, how come we saw you weaving in and out of traffic on the highway? We were in formation while weaving in and out of traffic on the highway.
  13. Is it dangerous? Let me get back to you on that.
  14. Do I have to get the tattoo? Is it big? Does it have to be on my shoulder?Yes, Yes, and Yes, unless that space is already occupied by other ink...in which case the underside of your arm works too......